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April 14, 2009
Whole Foods to Open on Cambie on April 29th.

Will there be exotic ostrich eggs, or just the conventional kind?

Probably neither. The ranch-raised ostrich eggs from New Jersey, pictured above and featured as a "local item" at Whole Foods Markets, are actually the specialty of one of the grocery retail giant's outlets in New York City. In fact, the "wall of exotic eggs" is one of the main calling cards for Whole Food's Bowery District store.

Here in Vancouver, the choices are likely to be somewhat tamer -- even if a notch up in trendiness from what we have experienced in local grocery stores so far.

On April 29th, when Whole Foods opens the doors to their spanking new, 50,000 square foot flagship store at Broadway (8th Ave.) and Cambie streets, expect to see such au courant items as a full-service, in-house charcuterie, as well as a build-your-own taco and burrito bar. No doubt there will also be plenty of signage advice on how to stretch your grocery budget (in these difficult economic times), and how to leave a smaller carbon footprint.

Sneak preview tours of the new location will begin for the media on April 22nd.  For those of you not so concerned about your carbon footprint as to be taking the bus, you'll find the underground parking entrance on West 8th Ave.

While you are checking out the eye-popping produce, here's an interesting factoid to keep in mind: since the recession has changed the spending habits of the public, the food items that have actually increased significantly in sales have been chocolate, candy, desserts, ice cream, booze and cheese.

Obviously certain comforts never lose their priority.
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