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March 13, 2009
Save-On-Meats Closes

End of an era.  Yes, it's farewell to the Flying Pig neon sign, a landmark on East Hastings for as long as most Vancouverites can remember. After 52 years, Save-On-Meats, a popular shop for discount priced meat is closing its doors, and tomorrow (March 14th) will be the last day of business.

But everything is already on sale and the regulars are in there buying up a storm - we spotted one women buying three large shopping bags of meat and then a roll of plastic bags (25 for a dollar) to pack it all away in the freezer when she got home.

Alas, it's goodbye to those big slabs of Gambozola cheese at $2 a piece, or porterhouse steaks at $5.98 a pound, plus all that other stuff in the window that was difficult to find elsewhere (pig legs, etc.)  Ourselves, we stocked up on the bacon ends at $1 a pound, plus those spicy German Gingerbread cookies that we can't find anywhere else. Although we understand that the cafe and dry goods area of the store is to remain open.

Sad. :-(

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