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March 13, 2012
IKEA Richmond Opens New Restaurant in April

Come April, guess which restaurant will be the largest in Richmond, or maybe even the lower mainland?

Most of us would expect the claim to be taken by a Chinese banquet-style restaurant, but we'd be wrong.  By virtue of square footage, it's going to be the new IKEA store on Jacombs Road. (Adjacent to the current location, due to close on April 22. )

The 334,000 sq. foot store will include a 600-seat, Swedish-themed restaurant with in-house food market. But while creative twists on Nordic food may be currently trendy, IKEA plans to stick with their customary no-nonsense, Viking fare such as: Swedish meatballs, salmon lax with rösti, cod roe on crispbread, open-faced shrimp sandwiches, hot dogs with Swedish mustard, lingonberry parfait, and of course, Kanelbullar (those fierce cinnamon buns). Some of the salad ingredients may even come from the store's own edible rooftop garden. 

A few oddities, such as the elk-shaped pasta, may show up in the smörgasbord too. Although fans of the item should maybe think about stocking up while they can. In the past, Ikea stocked a variety of packaged foods imported from Scandinavia. Moving forward however, they plan to sell only items that are labelled with the IKEA brand name.

In that line, new food products will be in keeping with the environmentally sensitive architecture of the store itself. Both the UTZ certified coffee and chocolate, for example, will allow customers to pinpoint its plantation of origin.

Otherwise, the concept is expansive. IKEA RICHMOND with its 51 inspirational room settings, 9,000 home furnishing goods, 1,400 parking spots and 100 bicycle racks, will open on April 25th.

In the words of the Muppet's Swedish Chef, "Sveden Rooks!!"

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