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January 16, 2010
Car Accident Closes 2nd South China Seas Store
Photo by Mark Busse of via Flickr

A note from the owners of South China Seas.

Hello Everybody:

Joyce and I had just nailed down the schedules for our Mexican and Thai classes in February and March this morning and intended to post our January 2010 eNews this weekend.

Then we learned that a car had crashed into our Victoria Drive store.

No-one was seriously hurt – Mayumi literally dove out of harm's way at the moment of impact – but the store is pretty much destroyed.

This is a huge blow and it is difficult at this point to even take it in. The store will take months to rebuild. Our kitchen is rubble, and suddenly we have no place to make our dressings or grind our spices or hold our cooking classes.

Since Granville Island will soon be turned into a major Olympics venue, we were counting on the East Van store as an option for Public Market customers who couldn't access the Island. We were even contemplating a delivery service so that orders from Oyama, Tenderland, Armando's, The Salmon Shop and so on could be picked up at Victoria Drive.

Our apologies to those of you who have prepaid for cooking classes. We will be holding them as soon as the store can be rebuilt – but if this doesn't work out for your timing, please contact us.

We might try to find temporary facilities for classes, grinding spices and perhaps even for selling product, but right now the situation is too overwhelming to plan for much. We will keep you informed.

In the meantime, the Public Market store will carry on – and we hope that you will try to visit us there – even if you have to brave the Olympic crowds and security.

Our thanks to our customers and neighbours, who were pitching in to help when Joyce and I were still having lunch in blissful ignorance at Crave.  Firefighters from the local fire-hall dropped by and offered to help rebuild the store, as have a group of bloggers. We are particularly grateful to Mark Busse, who actually witnessed the crash and who was first on the scene to make sure that Mayumi was OK and contact emergency services. Mark's hard-to-look-at pictures of our once beautiful shop can be seen on Flickr here.

We will be in touch again soon,

Don and Joyce

EDITORS NOTE: We extend our sympathies to Don and Joyce on this terrible misfortune and hope they can repair the damage and resume business at their Victoria Drive location as soon as possible.
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