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January 14, 2013
Levni Chocolate Opens Shop in Yorkville

We've seen them for sale at Vancouver's Farmer's Markets, the Baker's Market, and last month at the Vancouver Christmas Market, but if you had a sudden craving for Levni Chocolates, you had to wait for delivery from a purchase online.

That test of virtue by patience is about to change as Chocolatier Paul Dincer prepares to open his first retail shop at 1st and Cypress streets (1849 West 1st Ave.) this week.

Named after the 17th century artist Levni Abdülcelil Çelebi, the Ottoman Empire's most accomplished painter of delicate miniatures, Levni Chocolates are themselves small jewels of edible art.

Dincer uses Belgian chocolate, local honey, Mexican vanilla beans and a variety of nuts and fruit from California and Turkey in his chocolates that are hand-crafted using traditional, artisan methods. Exotic teas, flowers and spices -- such as Izmir blood orange peels, Spartan rose, Turkish fig, dry apricots, and Izmir grape -- are a taste reference to the exotic East. All chocolates are preservative free, and extracts, concentrates or flavourings are never used; flavours come directly from their natural sources.

Below is just a small sample of chocolates that we'd consider especially timely for upcoming romantic occasions  .. along with their flowery descriptions from the chocolate box guide. (Pictured above, clockwise from top left.)


The White Moon: Seasonal Blood Orange Truffle
"The deep attraction of the moon invites contemplation as candied Izmer blood orange subtly blends the milky softness of white chocolate ganache inside a globe of dark chocolate. You will give into a solo pleasure more satisfying than you've ever known, deeper than any companion."


Smoking Hearts: Fruit purees, in applewood smoked chocolate with a hint of scotch.
"Yesterday while you were sleeping, I burned old love letters and captured the bittersweet smoke to tell stories of long lost lovers."

First Kiss: Sour Cherry Raspberry Caramel
"The sacred matrimony between these two fruits, revels in dramatic stimulation reminiscent of a first kiss. The fiery dark chocolate insinuates encouragement as your nervous knees settle down with the first silky taste of tender white ganache."


Watermelon and Sea Salt: Pure dark chocolate with sea salt and a hint of watermelon.
"You are basking on a golden, sandy can see the shadow of your lover among the golden rays of sun in the crystal clear water...Have you ever kissed someone after he/she came right out of the sea?"

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