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April 30, 2013
Beaucoup Bakery's Spring Collection 2013

Just back from Paris, and inspired by the latest trends from the haute couture and pâtisserie scenes, the always stylish Jackie Ellis has combined fresh ideas from both in her 'Spring Collection' for 2013. Yesterday at Beaucoup Bakery (2150 Fir Street) Ellis debuted her latest designs to the local Vancouver food media.

Popping with colour and palate-pleasing flavours -- from deep, dense, pure chocolate to the refreshing zing of passionfruit, raspberry and blackberry -- each bite-sized sample was more tempting than the last, and in no time, all were hoovered off the serving platters. But, it's like buying shoes, right? To find the fit tailored to your own taste, you sometimes have to try on every model in the store. (See photos, themes and sketches below).

We predict more than one is destined to become a classic --because as we know, a sweet tooth is always in fashion.

Note: Especially for Mother's Day, Beaucoup Bakery is offering a 10-inch version of the Raspberry Pistachio Macaron Frais (picture 3). The pretty pink meringue shell filled with pistachio pastry cream and raspberry gelée, and topped with fresh raspberries and edible flowers will sell for $24. Order before May 9th by calling 604-732-4222 or e-mail

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Beaucoup Bakery Spring Collection 2013

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