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July 25, 2014
New Soup Cafe for the East Side

If you're not looking for it, you could easily mistake the place for a plumbing fixtures store.  That's because on this particular industrial stretch of East Hastings Street, commercial supply shops are what you would expect to find ... and quite frankly, the name, Liquids + Solids, isn't exactly helping much.

But you should keep your eyes open because the squat block, grey cement facade hides a charming little kitchen and market within, and now that les amis du FROMAGE (located just a few doors up the block), no longer run their own restaurant, it makes a very pleasant alternative place to grab a coffee and a bite to eat after a session of cheese shopping.

Open for two weeks, this is the new East Side outlet for a successful Vancouver soup cafe whose other locations can be found at Broadway & Fir and Venables & Woodland. A former restaurant supply warehouse, the industrial space has been enlivened with clean minimalist hits of graphic neon colour, fun retro posters, antique furniture and gallery of local photography.  Don't miss the lighting fixture constructed from metal soup ladles that is hanging over the front counter - it's a work of utilitarian art.

Open Monday through Saturday, Liquids and Solids offers a daily roster of healthy, freshly made soups, plus sandwiches, baked goods and other goodies. Be sure to see what's in the cookie jars on the old-timey, wooden pushcart.

Click on the photo gallery below to see more.

Liquids and Solids
Hastings and Campbell St.

Photo Gallery

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