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January 23, 2013
Lost & Found - a new cafe for the DES

It looks like Mark Brand will no longer be the only restaurateur working for public good on Canada's poorest street now that new neighbour Kane Ryan will be opening a cafe on the same block. Ryan's new enterprise, just a few doors down from Save On Meats in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, will be called LOST + FOUND.

The 30-year-old Ryan, a photographer and social sustainability activist, is the son of the owners of Victoria's former Sally Cafe and Sally Bun. A few months ago he returned to BC after living in India where he has been a driving force behind The Dirty Wall Project Foundation - a non-profit enterprise that raises funds for a wide range of community development initiatives in the slums of Mumbai.

Located in the old Chelsea Inn Cafe space at 33 West Hastings Street, Lost & Found's venue will be spacious enough to accomodate not only tables and espresso machines, but also art and photography exhibitions to function as fundraisers for future DWP projects.

For more on Kane Ryan and The Dirty Wall Project see the videos below.

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