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November 03, 2010
Three New Venues for the Cactus Club

At a lunch unveiling Chef Rob Feenie's new tweaks to the Cactus Club Cafe fall menu, company president Richard Jaffray also unveiled designs for the three newest Cactus Club Cafe restaurants. One project, the Cactus Club at Coal Harbour was still under wraps pending final blueprint approval from the City (although there was mention of terraces, incredible North Shore views, and plenty of square footage). Natch.

Two others however, the Cactus Club Cafe Abbotsford (6,700 square ft and valley views) as well as the Cactus Club Cafe at English Bay, had architectural renderings to serve as visual aids.

As stated in the prospectus about the later:

"In March 2010, Cactus Club was awarded the coveted English Bay location by the Parks Board of Vancover. This revolutionary restaurant will feature LEED Gold certification, and both the originial Cactus menu and concession-like offerings to cater to the beach-goers. Some LEED initiatives include bicycle storage, using regional materials in building, growing drought=resistant plants and efficient irrigation, and ensuring that at least 50% of the building's electricity comes from renewable resources.

Nestled in the heart of the West End Community of Vancouver, this Cactus Club will also provide financial support to the Parks Board, and thus give back to the community in which it resides."

Said Richard Jaffray: "Although there was a small amount of resistance from people in the community who did not want to see a restaurant in the location at all, no one objected to the Cactus Club being the one to get the concession. Which we were quite happy about."


Here are some of the artist's renderings for the English Bay and Abbotsford locations.

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