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October 11, 2011
A First Sneak Peek at Black and Blue

Glowbal Group sets itself a tall order with black and blue

A photo embargo was still in effect at Black and Blue restaurant this weekend, however we were permitted to take a couple of quick snaps as workmen hurried to put the final pieces in place -- the photo above of the main chandelier being wired into the ceiling, and another of one of the two private dining rooms, located on the second floor (see below).

As usual, the Glowbal Group's newest restaurant (designed by Box Interiors) is sparing no expense when it comes to their trademark masculine version of glam. At any rate, they are certainly working on a large scale. The 30+ ft tall open ceilings lends an almost cathedral-like atmosphere to the new steakhouse, but also gave the electricians something of a challenge.  It took over a week just to wire in the massive chandelier, composed of several basket-like bubbles suspended over the central bar, and no doubt it will add considerably to the overhead costs of changing the light bulbs.

Anticipated opening date: Last week of October.

Other features which will be unveiled this week on the Glowbal Group website include:

The ring-shaped bar in the center of the main floor will include an open pastry station, with one chef employed to make ice cream sundaes to order.

Standing like a tall backdrop behind the bar - A see-in, meat-aging locker - its back wall constructed with bricks of Himalayan pink salt, illuminated with lights from behind.

A wall of Champagne as a room divider

A see-through glass elevator leading to the upper mezzanine dining areas.

A series of large, 6-seat capacity banquettes forming a ring around the open mezzanine, that will allow diners to look down onto the action on the central floor.

Two private, soundproof dining rooms.

One very private table (handy for celebrities) on the mezzanine, which will overlook the street but be invisible to other diners in the restaurant.

Although the restaurant's name refers to a different hue, the colour palatte will be predominately browns, beiges and bronze tones.

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