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May 22, 2010
Everything Cafe in Vancouver's Chinatown

In the photo: The colourful shops of Chinatown reflect in the street-to-ceiling glass front door of Everything Cafe.

Have you checked out the new Everything Cafe?

The latest project from the Sean Heather/Scott Hawthorn tag team opened just a few days ago as a Euro-sleek cafe selling Intelligensia brand coffee and a variety of soups, salads, sandwiches, charcuterie plates and pastries. Most of the food comes from the same kitchen providing the Salty Tongue Deli just a few streets away in Gastown.

Everything’s location on Pender, on the block leading up to The Chinatown Gate and across the street from the giftshop for the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden , provides a modern zen respite from the colourful clash of Chinese wares spilling out of the neighbouring shops.

Local hipsters sit along the red leather-backed banquette wall or at the counter, taking advantage of the free wifi to tap away on their Macbook Pros while sampling the meatball sub sandwiches (the same meatballs served at Judas Goat), smokey Jarlsberg stuffed grilled paninis or mini-black forest cakes.

Take a look at the back wall past the neon blue everything sign. The hodge podge assortment of stripped and painted boards looks like some kind of intentional deconstruction art, but it's actually what the workmen found when they removed the plaster and wallpaper left by the location's previous tenant. It looked cool, so it stayed.

See photos below.

Open 11:30 to 3 p.m.
75 East Pender Street.

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