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July 24, 2012
East of Main Cafe Opens in Chinatown

(Directly from the press release.)

Now open for lunch, dinner and late night tapas
11:00am – 12:00am, Monday to Saturday
223 E.Georgia St (between Main & Gore)

East of Main is a new Vancouver community-oriented café located near the intersection of Main and Georgia on the border of Chinatown and the DTES. It features a wide variety of Mediterranean-style tapas, sandwiches and main courses. The bar offers local craft beers and a diverse menu of classic and innovative cocktails.

East of Main has recently opened and is managed by sisters Maureen Webb and Donalda Weaver. Maureen has been a prolific casting director and agent for over 20 years and has worked with some of the world’s finest writers, directors, producers and actors. Earlier this year, she and Donalda started Project Limelight – a free performing arts program for children in the DTES and surrounding areas. It received a lot of media attention in late May, when Sir Richard Branson donated $25,000 to Project Limelight through his Virgin Unite charity.

All profits from East of Main will go toward Project Limelight, and the upstairs area will be utilized as a studio for the participants. The space shall act as an arts and community hub for residents of the area where friends, family and artists can congregate. The building was formerly two units and has been renovated into a stylish space with a two-story high ceiling and exposed concrete beams.The walls are adorned with works by local artists, including compelling images from the DTES. The artwork and the organic furnishings reflect the history of the neighborhood.


Jenny graduated from Vancouver’s Dubrelle International Culinary Arts program in 2003. Since then, she has worked in the food industry, including jaunts as a baker and a pastry chef. She worked for three years at acclaimed catering company ‘Savory City’ where she gained invaluable experience and support. She is thrilled to be selected as the chef for East of Main. Her eclectic and international cuisine reflects her love of world music and appreciation of the exotic.

In her own words, Jenny’s menu items are ‘fresh’ and ‘different.’ Her inventive use of spice and top-quality ingredients make for perplexing flavor combinations. There is a strong Middle Eastern/Mediterranean influence and her dishes display imaginative diversity. The tapas items include Egyptian duqqa (ground spices and almonds), Tuscan white bean dip, roasted asparagus with pesto vinigarette and feta and white gazpacho shots. She also offers intriguing charcuterie with meat or (wild) seafood. All items are made from scratch and are infused with multi-level flavor. For the lunch crowd, she offers gourmet sandwiches and quiche. There is even added a ‘kiddies’ menu for this very sophisticated spot – cementing East of Main’s intention to be a hub for the community.

ANDREW FLYNN – Bartender
Andrew has been bartending in Canada and abroad for the passed 15 years.  After being a part of the vibrant restaurant scene in Vancouver (specifically the city's cocktail movement), Andrew moved to the east coast. He and his partner Cheryl opened a couple of acclaimed restaurants and produced a couple of cute little girls. Andrew also established the first-ever series of bartending competitions in Newfoundland. Eventually, he found himself longing for Vancouver and he and his family recently made the move back. Andrew believes that a bartender lives and breathes by the experience of the guests – so you better make it great!

His cocktail menu, while offering the classics, also includes unique ingredients utilized in East of Main's original creations. The beer list features a number of artisan beers by local and international breweries. The wine list is small, but refined. Andrew’s bar creations are sure to arouse the most discerning palate.

About Project Limelight:
Project Limelight is offered at no cost to participants and is open to young people aged 8 to 15 in the DTES and surrounding areas. The first month is spent learning skills, techniques and forms of expression, including clowning, creative writing, voice work, movement and improvisation. The following three months are spent rehearsing a full-length theatrical production, leading up to a final performance on a community stage, giving participants the opportunity to showcase everything they have accomplished.

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