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December 16, 2009
Decor Details from the Corner Suite Bistro

After a five month delay, The Corner Suite Bistro de Luxe is getting squeaky close to opening. Except for some minor equipment installation and furniture arrangement, the restaurant at Thurlow and Robson Streets is good to go. All they need now is for the city fathers to deliver some final licensing for the kitchen.  "They lost the file" says owning partner and bar manager Steve da Cruz . "Basically, they forgot that they had a restaurant registered at this location. So we wait."

At any rate, once the paperwork is in order, the restaurant is prepared to hit the ground running. When asked if there would be a soft opening, da Cruz gave us a polite "Are you kidding?" look. And of course, he's right to expect no rehearsal time. The Corner Suite has been so eagerly anticipated by the solid following that the three partners (Da Cruz (bar), Andre McGillivray (front of house), and Chef Anthony Sedlak ) command, it's pretty much guaranteed that the hoards will thunder in the minute the doors open.

We stopped by yesterday to get a little progress report, and although Steve was still stocking the bar and the dining room tables were sharing floor space with packing boxes, the recycle rubbish containers, and a robotic looking commercial dishwasher, there were plenty of glamourous design details on view.

Here's a few of the decor highlights, with details provided under the photos.  To view Chef Anthony's menu and Steve da Cruz's innovative and educational bar list, check the website here.

The menu, which has been described as "French at heart with playful options", offers dishes as countrified as pigs' ears to comfort food trendy items such as Sedlak's take on the PNE's "little fried donuts". Steve da Cruz's 30 page cocktail list "The Genuine Article" will contain hard to source items such as "Old Tom" gin and even a unique gin liqueur. Well known Vancouver wine guys Sebastien le Goff and Kurtis Kolt have advised on the winelist.

"Above all", says Steve da Cruz, "our aim has been to create an atmosphere, both in the restaurant and on the menus, that is fun, comfortable and accessible. Beer and wine will be available at $5 a glass, and cocktails for as little as $6. Bar snacks are only $2 an item. I never want to see this bar go the elitist route of the $20 cocktail."

Perhaps the best example of this intention will be the $24, 3-course prix fixe meal, which will be available all day from ll a.m. till late. Corner Suite Bistro is expected to open at 850 Thurlow early in the New Year. Call 604-569-3415 for more information.

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