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May 06, 2011
Behind the Papered Door at Hawksworth Restaurant

Hawkworth Restaurant may not have made its projected opening date in order to arrive on the birthday of the original Georgia Hotel (May 7), but with a new goal of May 16th, it's not far behind.  That being said, with a sold out, pre-opening dinner event for a lawyers association all locked in for the evening of the 14th, they really haven't got the option to push it back any further.

So the pressure is on. At least all the permits and licenses are in place, the furniture has arrived, and the staff are in dress rehearsals. 

Everything looks like it's coming together nicely.  The glass-walled front of the restaurant facing Georgia Street may hint at a cavernous space, but inside the three adjoining rooms are surprisingly intimate ... and glamourous in a '30s art deco, Gable and Lombard in modernist Kyoto sort of way. The curved lines in the ceilings and passage ways, plus the wow-some Cunard ballroom-esque chandelier in the dining room all work towards that effect, and so do the old world details of dark panelling, inlay tile, marble and high-ceiling embellishments that echo the Rosewood Georgia's earlier incarnation.

None of this looks like a stage set for mac 'n cheese, nor any of the other ubiquitous comfort food dishes we've all be subsisting on for the past three years. It looks instead like Chef David Hawksworth and his team are aiming for a 2011 version of serious fine dining. And we say, bring it on.

Here are just a few room design details of what you can expect to see on the unveiling, in about one week's time.

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