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January 12, 2010
A Sneak Peek at Glowbal Steak

glowbal reopens for business tonight as glowbal grill steaks & satay.

We visited last night as they were setting up, and although the room was not yet put together and the lighting was low, we managed to snap a few quick shots to give you an idea of how place is going to look.

Our information from yesterday's press release was a bit misleading. No gold snakeskin print on the banquettes, thank goodness. The "snake" actually showed up on small feature sections of the dining room and washroom floors. The mirrors are small and discreet, like ship portholes around the perimeter of the dining area. And no gold chandeliers, but an amazing looking, barrel-like, hammered brass light installation that hovers low over the "party table" at the entrance.

No missing the meat cellar. It glows large and red at the end of the open kitchen counter. Some think Amityville, others recall disco boxes in Bangkok.  The meat should have an exciting time of it.

All in all, an amazing looking room. It's warm-toned yet fresh and bright, open but still cozy.  Should be a big hit for the official re-opening reception on Thursday.

1079 Mainland St., Yaletown, Vancouver

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