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December 01, 2010
A First Look Inside Q4 al Centro

The hammers, buzz saws, and assorted pieces of construction machinery are seeing plenty of action down at 780 Richards street where Q4 al Centro is quickly taking shape as a fully formed new restaurant. There isn’t much time to waste. This Friday, the building inspectors arrive with their final checklists, plus the opening day party is scheduled for only a week away on Dec 9th.

Q4 al Centro, a sister restaurant to the well known Q4 Ristorante on 4th Ave, is by family association, the newest member of the Corsi family of restaurants, but it’s a first building project for owner Patrick Corsi and his business partner, Alex Tsakumis.

Despite the sawdust, it’s looking like a stylish space already, yet the good bones were not achieved without all the usual headaches, delays and problem solving that plague most new restaurant openings. Says Patrick Corsi, “I’ve been in the business all my life and figured I knew it, but putting this restaurant together gave me a whole new respect for what my dad (Antonio Corsi) must have gone through to open our earlier restaurants.“

At Q4 al Centro, the partners plan to stay with the Corsi tradition of authentic Italian cuisine, but for the downtown location they also wanted something fitting the modern urban lifestyle – less formal than a fine dining Italian restaurant, but in menus and atmosphere, a notch well above the raucous sports bars that are common to the area. According to Corsi, it will be a restaurant with a bar, not the other way around, and the food will be a lighter and faster kind of Italian fare than you might find at their Kits neighbourhood restaurant on 4th Ave.

You can bet however, that Q4’s popular $10 pastas will have a place on the menu, as well as other items unique to the city central location. Yes, there will be takeout. Another good thing – free valet parking will be available for both lunch and dinner service.

“Lunch is something we really want to focus on,” adds Corsi. "There may be lineups every day at the Japadog across the street, but up till now, there have been few good European options at this eastern end of Robson between Yaletown and Crosstown."

The photo above shows the square shaped room as seen from the front entrance. Looking past the flotsam of construction items, one can see the open kitchen and pizza oven directly opposite, as well as the bar area to the right. In between, around the central support pillars, there will be islands of banquettes and wooden 4-top and 6-top tables. The total number of seats will include 54 in the dining room, as well as 12 at the bar, and 4 in front of the pizza station.

For more details see the photos below:

Opening day: December 9, 2010
Location: 780 Richards Street (at Robson), Vancouver
Next door to the L'Hermitage Hotel Vancouver.
For reservations call: 604-687-4444
Restaurant Manager: Albert Chee
Public Relations: Tanis Tisserev at T2 Communications.

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