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November 19, 2009
Browns Social House Reopens as Hub Restaurant and Lounge

(The following announcement is reprinted directly from the press release.)

After operating the Yaletown franchise of Browns Social House for three years, owner Bill Marsh closed Browns Social House on November 14 and reopened in its place Hub Restaurant and Lounge on Wednesday November 18.

With the increasing infiltration of corporate-owned chain restaurants in Yaletown, Marsh made the decision to open the independent Hub Restaurant and Lounge, parting ways with the Browns franchise.

Hub is equal parts stylish, comfort-focused restaurant and relaxed sports lounge. One hundred percent independent and authentic to the neighbourhood, Hub’s upscale, comfort food and selection of classic cocktails give Yaletown locals and visitors alike a new dining option.

The visual identity of the restaurant remains largely un-changed, with the exception of removing any of its former chain’s branding. The restaurant maintains its warmth from original exposed wood beams, brick walls and plush black booths. A large black and white photo of the Bull at Wall Street graces the wall along with two new 40” TVs added in the bar area. While the room has that same comfortable, un-pretentious feeling that customers have always enjoyed, the menu is far from similar. Offering “back to basics” classic entrees, starters and desserts, Hub’s menu reflects what loyal customers most enjoy. “We’re excited to now have the flexibility to respond to what our clientele asks for ” said Marsh when asked about what inspired some of the menu items. “… Yaletown has no shortage of trendy restaurants but our customers are looking for innovative comfort food in a warm and relaxed room. And that’s exactly what Hub delivers.”

Hub offers a Prime Rib dinner for $16.99 on Sundays and Mondays and $6 appetizers such as Poutine, Wok Squid and Peel ’N Eat Shrimp weekdays from 4-6 p.m. Other items include a signature Steak Salad, Crab Macaroni & Cheese, Braised Beef and for dessert, a classic chocolate chip Pazookie topped with vanilla gelato. Without commenting on the legalities behind the change, Marsh says, “being part of a franchise group can definitely have some advantages like purchasing and name recognition. That said, we wanted the flexibility and responsiveness that comes with independence and now with Hub we have it.”

Hub Restaurant and Lounge continues to broadcast premium sports with multiple digital feeds and subscriptions to all major, on-demand programming without intimidating non-sports fans. With access to the most PPV events in Yaletown, Hub’s guests can enjoy Canucks hockey throughout the season and an ongoing schedule of special events year round. Browns Yaletown was the first restaurant in Yaletown to show the UFC without a cover charge and will continue to do so as Hub. Experience casual sophistication, relaxed yet responsive service and a wide-ranging and enticing menu at Hub.

Perfect for lunch, weekend brunch, dinner or cocktails, before, during and after the game, seven days a week. Hub Restaurant and Lounge is located at 1165 Mainland Street next to the Yaletown-Roundhouse Canada Line station. Follow Hub on Twitter and Facebook for details on Hub’s grand opening party and upcoming events.
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