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Sunshine Coast
August 17, 2012
Caviar from BC's Sunshine Coast

Local caviar? You bet.

Northern Divine, based in Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast, is now producing a premium black caviar that's in keeping with today's more eco-conscious times.

The Canadian caviar farmed from fresh water-raised white sturgeon is not only sustainable, its clean, delicate flavour and lucious finish is delicious. In fact, Travel & Leisure Magazine rated it among the "top 5 caviars in the world."

“We got into culturing sturgeon just as the Caspian Sea stocks began to collapse,” says Justin Henry, General Manager of Target Marine Hatcheries. “When the USSR fell in 1991, its fisheries also fell apart and our door opened. We hatched our plan in 1998, and this year we harvested 300 kilograms of caviar from 89 fish that were in their eleventh year.”

These sturgeon were raised by Vancouver Island University’s sturgeon conservation program and Target Marine will use their own roe to hatch the next generation of fish. The caviar has been recognized as Ocean Wise ™, because the sturgeon are raised according to ethical, eco-safe food production processes, making it a good choice for consumers who are concerned about the environment.

According to Northern Divine, the caviar is best served "as is" on the back of your hand, or scooped via mother-of-pearl spoon on to a cracker and enjoyed with chilled Champagne or iced vodka.

You'll find it on the menus of such Vancouver restaurants as Blue Water Cafe, Hawksworth, C Restaurant, Cioppino's and Chateau Fairmont Whistler.

Or order it direct from the website at and it will be delivered fresh to your door.
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