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October 09, 2010
That Squashed Sensation

You could say that we started our search for the "Great Pumpkin" early this year, as we may have just found our hero's nursery.

The Mariposa Orchards fruit stand meets you at the west entrance to Keremeos with an almost volcanic eruption of baby pumpkins and small colourful winter squash of every shape, colour and size imaginable. When asked how many varieties the stand sells, the owner just shook his head. "I couldn't imagine trying to count them" he said. "But there would have to be at least over 30 different kinds."

Around the corner at the front of the stand it's pretty much the same scenerio with the newly harvested apples. Apples in bins and apples in baskets, everywhere you look -- in shades of red, yellow, green, pink, and all kinds of stripe-y and speckle-y types in between. There are at least 25 varieties or so, and also at least five or six types of pears.

Inside the stand we found another treasure - a virtual wall of our new favourite condiments from Heather's Kitchen: hot and spicy pickled beans, rhubarb and ginger chutney, Indian summer hot corn relish, homemade pear marmalade, etc., etc., That's the good news and here's the bad. Heather has recently retired and moved to Oliver. So that means this is the last of her wares. If you are a fan like we are, stop and stock up.

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