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October 01, 2010
A Touch of Sweden at Bogner's


Breakfast at Bogner's of Penticton.

Not your usual bacon and eggs.

Chef Darin Paterson's breakfast platter consists of salmon cakes, red leaf lettuce, poached egg, fresh dill, bleak fish roe, house-smoked local pork bacon, sour cream, chopped purple onion and chives. (Off camera - a big glass of fresh cantaloupe juice.)

A nearly self sustaining operation, all fruits, vegetables and greens are grown in Bogner's own vast and impressive kitchen gardens. The eggs are courtesy of their own chickens, housed on a nearby farm.

However today, it's the golden bleak fish roe that provides the immediate conversation point. Paterson sources the briny "caviar" from Manitoba, but informs us that bleak fish roe is a very popular food in Sweden, a country where he lived at one time. (Scandinavian children like to eat the roe on toast as commonly as Canadian kids might choose peanut butter.)

Mrs. Paterson is also Swedish, and formerly a nurse. The couple met in the Middle East when the 6'4" Darin was a member of a visiting Canadian hockey team, invited to play international teams on the local sheik's private ice rink.

He has tales of illegal (and dangerous) midnight rave parties in the desert ... but that's another fish story entirely.

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