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June 01, 2011
Terrafina Restaurant Opens at Hester Creek
(In the photo: Terrafina during construction last April.
Above: dining room interior. Below: Outside Patio
(Edited from the press release.)

Announcing the latest addition to the Okanagan dining scene ...

Hester Creek Estate Winery welcomes the owners of Terrafina Restaurant, executive chef Jeremy Luypen and operating manager April Goldade.

The new restaurant is located in the winery's former tasting room that was re-designed over the winter to provide an intimate setting for the 47-seat Terrafina, plus additional patio seating for 24 under a vine-covered trellis. Old brick, wooden pillars and iron chandeliers also capture the Tuscan villa character of Hester Creek Estate Winery.

Defined as 'from the earth', Terrafina is inspired by two things; Hester Creek's oldest grapevines which date back as far as 1968, and the abundance of locally-grown produce available in the Okanagan Valley. Both of these ingredients have helped make the region the culinary destination it is today.

In true Tuscan style, executive chef Jeremy Luypen is passionate about capturing the natural flavours of the locally-grown, farm produce. From wood-stone baked bread to house-made pizzas, pasta and ingredients, the light, flavourful dishes are Italian-inspired and created to marry perfectly with Hester Creek's award winning wines.

Terrafina will be open for lunch and dinner dining seasonally starting June 1, 2011.

For reservations please call (250) 468-2229 or email

The restaurant website is still in progress but will soon provide chef biographies, menus, and "in progress" pictures.



Basil and Asiago Focaccia
sun-dried tomato tapenade, fire roasted tomato bruschetta 9.50
Hester Creek Pinot Blanc 2009

Herb Roasted Artichoke Hearts
shaved grana padano, white truffle oil 11.25
Hester Creek Trebbiano 2009

Sea Scallops and Roasted Pancetta
fennel cream, fava bean puree 13.50
Hester Creek Semillon Chardonnay 2009

Prawns and Clam Marsala
toasted pinenuts and candied cherry tomatoes 13.75
Hester Creek Pinot Gris 2009

Wild Boar and Veal Meatballs
pepper micro merlot, caramelized onions 11.75
Hester Creek Reserve Merlot 2008

Roasted Artichoke and Zucchini Insalata
lemon ricotta cheese, sun-dried tomato and caper olive oil 12.25
Hester Creek Trebbiano 2009

Insalata Caprese
vine ripe tomatoes, house made cheese, fresh basil pressed olive oil,
25 year old balsamic vinegar 13.75
Hester Creek Pinot Blanc 2009

Antipasto Platter
cured meats, roasted vegetables, locally made cheese and spreads, warm focaccia bread 18.25
Hester Creek Cabernet Merlot 2009

Wood Stone & Entrata

Roasted Potato & Whole Milk Mozzarella
shaved truffle, micro arugula 14.50
Hester Creek Pinot Gris 2009

Duck Prosciutto and Little Qualicum Blue Cheese
balsamic glaze, caramelized onions 18.75
Hester Creek Merlot 2009

locally made cheese and shaved prosciutto 13.50
Hester Creek Pinot Blanc 2009

Chourico and Mushrooms
parmesan cheese and aged chedder 16.75
Hester Creek Character Red 2009

Manila Clam & Dry Chourico Linguine 18 ΒΌ
basil marinated olive with an oregano herb butter 18.25
Hester Creek Character White 2010

Wild Boar and Veal Meatballs & Spaghetti
forest mushrooms, anchovies, spanish onions 18.75
Hester Creek Reserve Merlot 2008

Roasted Free Range Chicken
asparagus and caramelized onion risotto 24.25
Hester Creek Semillon Chardonnay 2009

Seared BC Sable Fish
cherry tomatoes, fava beans, sweet cream corn reduction angel hair pasta 29.50
Hester Creek Semillon Chardonnay 2009

Pan Roasted Lamb Sirloin
roasted fingerling potatoes, wild mushroom ragu Cabernet Franc reduction 32.75
Hester Creek Reserve Cabernet Franc 2008

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