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June 05, 2015
Magic Mushrooms

Amsterdam has a certain reputation for its magic mushrooms, but the regular kind can conjure up a little magic in the frying pan too. 

There's a vendor at the Saturday morning organic market on the Nooderkerk square that offers over 2 dozen varietes (that we could count), both wild and cultivated, brown, red, gold, creamy or feathery white, and all of them alluring.

We purchased a big golden chunk of Zwavel Zwam (don't you love that name?), or as we call it at home "Chicken of the Woods". This specimen was a big as a baseball glove and as heavy as a text book.  "You do have to treat it like a chicken", said the vendor. "Saute it in the pan with butter, then add in a little stock, cover and let it stew for a bit, or else it will be too dry."

I followed her advice, and with the addition of a handful of asparagus from the next farmer's booth, had a vegetarian meal for four on my hands.

The photos below show some of the other choices of the day (and their wonderful Dutch names):

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