August 03, 2010
Stripes and Spots


Pam Harris, 58

Where: Shopping for vegetables at the Trout Lake Farmer’s Market.
Her neighbourhood: False Creek


CF: That’s a gorgeous basket you are carrying. So much more interesting, and less commercial, than the supermarket totes that everyone else has.

PH: Why, thank you. I bought it at the Maiwa shop in the Net Loft at Granville Market. It was hanging high up near the ceiling, but I just had to have it so they got it down for me. I believe it came from Ghana. You see quite a few of these types of baskets around, but not very many in this brilliant shade of blue.

What items have you picked up at the market today?

So far … some purple nugget potatoes, a long-stemmed bulb of new garlic, and mixed organic baby greens.

All those natural colours match your outfit.

Yes, my Leopards and Roses dress was knit in Nepal from hand loomed fibres. I found it at "Fibers" in the Ringside Market. My bracelet came from a store called "Gecko."

And who’s your little friend? She looks like the market crowd and its many big feet are making her a tad nervous.

[Laughs] No, that quivering energy just comes with being a terrier. Her name is Looney. She’s 12 years old and originally came from South Africa.

Wow … Ghana … Nepal … South Africa, you’re quite the internationalist.

It sounds like that. But actually I spend my vacations on Hornby Island.

And what do you do when you’re not holidaying on the islands or hanging out at the Farmer’s Markets?

I’ve worked for 5 psychiatrists over the past 11 years. Looney comes to work with me everyday and has turned out to be an important part of the practice. You could say she is a "working dog!"

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