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March 02, 2011
The Sifter

The bits that remain after a grind through our recreational reading lists ...

It may be the only item Esquire didn't posted online from their new issue (the one with Liam Neeson on the cover), but A.J. Jacob's gentle spoof on Farm to Table religion is worth a peruse at the newsstand. Here's a snippet on the lifecyle of an asparagus spear as described in "How Our Restaurant Gets its Food To Your Plate":

"... At just the right time, the asparagus spear is gently handpicked by a well-compensated Latin American earth worker, but only after it has been subjected to Ericksonian hypnosis to minimize the pain. A short bereavement service follows, incorporating Jewish, Christian, and Shinto textual elements, acknowledging the asparagus is sacrificing its life for our consumption."

...well, we're sure you get the picture.  -- Esquire, March 2011, page 176.

Who says communal dining is no longer in fashion?

Thom Browne's Fall 2011 menswear show in Paris featured models (dressed like characters in a Tim Burton vision of the pilgrim's first Thanksgiving) carrying roasted turkeys down the catwalk.

After which they sat down at a long, elaborately laded banquet table positioned in the centre of the runway, and nibbled at them while the rest of the show went on.  -- New York video.

Watch this New Jersey microbrewer's apoplectic rant about water-y mass market beer. Very Funny!

"Let me tell you something", he roars. "It doesn't matter how much Coors you drink, it's not going to get you laid by twins!!!"

After he calms down a bit he takes on Budweiser

When its good to have a young sap around the house ... Mugolio Pine Bud Syrup ... is the hottest selling condiment at Dean & Deluca this week.

"Rich, spicy and complex, this challenging elixir is made from the sap of young cones and buds from wild dwarf pines. The amber liquid's subtle sweetness is undercut by a bold bitterness, making it a funky topping for everything from ice cream to tangy cheese.  -- New York Times Dining Section.

Order it through  Also available at trendy Italian food shops around North America.

A great quote from actor Donald Sutherland:

" There was this politician in Canada, his name was Tommy Douglas. While he was campaigning, someone yelled at him, "Tell us all you know, Tommy. It won't take very long."

And Tommy yelled back. "I'll tell you what we both know, it won't take any longer." 

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