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WINTER: les amis du FROMAGE Port-Soaked Stilton

les amis du Fromage - Port-Soaked Stilton

Stilton lovers alert! Alice Spurrell’s famous port-soaked stilton cheeses will be available for purchase on Saturday, December 15th.

For those in the know, this is a special once a year only treat that Alice starts every November by soaking a carefully chosen whole wheel of English Stilton in Taylor’s Port until it is marinated to perfection.

There is only a limited supply available and prices vary according to the size of the cheese.

To order yours, call les Amis du Fromage at 604-732-4218. Or come the 15th, be at their door at 1752 W. 2nd Ave, Vancouver or #518 Park Royal South in West Vancouver.

While you are there, check out the dinner entrees in the freezer case. They make great impromptu meals when you have had a tough day of Christmas mall roller derby and are too bagged to cook supper.


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