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Peak of the Season
September 17, 2010
FALL: Fruitful Offerings at Terra Breads

Those short-lived annual treats, local peaches and blueberries, may be on the wane at the local farmer's markets, but you can still find delicious examples in the baked goods display case at Terra Breads. In particular, at the newly, and beautifully renovated bakery and cafe outlet in Vancouver's Kitsilano.

If, like us, you favour Terra's delicious pastry tarts in peach version, you'll need to move fast, because autumnal apples and cranberries are due to replace them in a week or so.

Right in sync with fall harvest however, is the grape bread. Like button-studded upholstery, the bread sports red seedless grapes as well as pinenuts and walnuts -- maybe not as serious a comfort medication as the gooey pecan rolls (save those for when the rains really set in), nor as summery as the blueberry and white chocolate confections, but somewhere perfectly in between.

And that's not all that's peachy at the revamped West 4th store. When you're ordering coffee, don't miss the amber-toned resin paneling attached to the front of the bar. Yes, designer fans, that's Martha Study's work.

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