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SPRING: Garlic Scapes


For a few weeks now we have been buying garlic scapes from the a couple of the vendors at the East Vancouver Farmers Market and have been taking the curling green shoots with their pungent flavour (a cross between garlic and green onion) home for cooking experiments in the kitchen. One of the vendors suggested a simple way to use them is to slice the stalks lengthwise and then add them to a pot and let their flavour permeate the boiling water before you throw in some dried pasta -- the pasta will absorb the fresh garlic taste and the green strips will add a dash of colour to the finished pasta.

Says Blogger Vannesa Balchen of  What Geeks Eat :

"My favorite thing to do with them is to make garlic scape pesto. It is super easy to make and refrigerates well for several weeks in a well sealed jar. I also plan on popping some into the freezer to top off my winter soups. I use this pesto on brushetta, pasta, eggs, foccacia, and just about anything I grill like shrimp, salmon, chicken. It’s also fabulous added to mayonnaise and smeared on a big roast beef sandwich. Now I’m hungry!!!"

More information and recipes here.

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