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August 02, 2010
Melanie's Buttertarts Divine

When we rule the town, we're giving a food cart license to this woman:

The now-you-see-her, now-you-don't Melanie Vanderschaaf Makaj appears to have a permanent outlet for her buttertart business at the Pender Street Tinsel Town Centre (tucked under the main floor escalator), but she's also been popping up with a portable stand at such venues as the Canada Place Plaza (on Canada Day), the Winter Olympics, as well as various local street festivals.

Who doesn't love butter tarts, and what could be more Canadian? Looks like a flaky franchise in the making, and we mean that in the delicious sense. The only question is: Why hasn't someone thought of this before?

L.A. and Portland may have their act together when it comes to the street food scene, while the Vancouver City Hall nannies continue to fumble the ball, but we'll bet those hip cities still lack buttertarts. Once the Americans discover them, will the brown sugary treat replace poutine as the trendy definitive Canadian food item?

You can follow Melanie's Buttertarts Devine on Facebook here.

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