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August 25, 2010
Gone Crackers for Moroccan Spice

Uh, oh. Looks like we have a new addiction.

British Columbians have always loved Gone Crackers, local food entrepreneur Heather Nichol's gourmet line of savoury and delicious cocktail crackers. We've long been a big fan of the "Parmesan" version ourselves, but her latest flavour - Moroccan Spice - could give it serious competition in our hearts.

As with any good quality and health conscious product, the ingredient list is simple: unbleached flour, olive oil, sea salt and seasoning. But it's the exact makeup of the seasoning that makes it so intriguing. Nichol is not giving up that part of the secret, but we definitely detect toasted cumin, ginger and black pepper.

Unlike most spicy crackers on the market, in this one, the heat is subtle. You almost don't notice it at first, but then it slowly builds to a gentle crescendo - much the same way the complex layers of a fine wine seem to roll in to fill your palate.

That's only appropriate, because Gone Crackers are meant to be served where wine is being featured. Thus the crackers are especially formulated to support the flavours and acids in wine, not clash with them. In the case of the Moroccan Spice, Nichol suggests a partnership with Reisling, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Noir and Syrah.

Even without the wine, the crackers make an excellent platform for goat cheese, chutney, antipasto, hommus, guacamole, or the eggplant and squash purees of Autumn. And especially nice for the hostess with expensive carpets -- they won't shatter when you bite into them.

The Morrocan Spice will not arrive in the stores until September. But look for the snappy red box on the shelves of such locally supportive grocers as Whole Foods, or in the gift shops of your favourite BC winery.

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