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March 15, 2012
Blk. is Black

We'd seen this item at new product showcases in the US, but didn't think it was available in Canada, until we nearly fell over some at the local Marketplace IGA store last week.

A towering case of 16 oz. bottles had been parked at the end of an aisle as if the stock clerks weren't sure where they should be stashed.  With the gimmicky bottled water? In the health food section? Near the front entrance as curiosity come-on?

The confusion would be understandable. Unlike the "glacier clear" boutique waters that have flooded the market in recent years, this one is as black as squid ink.  That's right, the water itself is black, not the bottle. But while "blackwater" may bring to mind swamps and tropical diseases, amphibious monsters in '50s horror flicks, or even sewage, in this case, the colour is what manufactures claim make it desirable.

Apparently Blk. contains "fulvic minerals", a substance derived from ancient, oozy, organic plant matter mined from beneath the earth. When these minerals interact with H2O at the molecular level, it can turn even the purest Canadian spring water pitch black.

So are fulvic minerals just another heath booster that we didn't know we needed until someone could charge us $20 for it? It's difficult to dredge up any factual information from a source that isn't selling the stuff, but for what it's worth, according to the packaging info, it has a PH of 9 (good for balancing a highly acidic - read fast food - diet), and a small molecular structure that allows for the fast absorption of over 77 different trace minerals and elements, including powerful electrolytes, antioxidants and free radical scavengers. The buzz from the bar set is that it's a great hangover cure thanks to its ability to quickly refresh abused and sorry brain cells.

At any rate, once you can bring yourself to drink it, you'll find the fluid doesn't taste any different than run of the mill tap water.

And the good news is that ... unlike say, wine, it won't stain your teeth.

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