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June 16, 2010
Pasta in a Bag

How great is this?

Campagnolo Restaurant is now selling their homemade pasta in little brown bags at the  Main Street Farmer's Market.

And throwing in one of Chef JC Poirier's  recipes to boot.

$2 per bag

Today it was tagliarini, and it was selling fast.

We had tomatoes and basil in our market basket, and they are going to meet up with the noodles soon.

Campagnolo Weekly Market Pasta Recipe

1/2 cup olive oil
1/2 lb of tomatoes, roughly chopped  (1 large or 4 small artisan tomatoes)
1 clove of garlic, sliced wafer thin
4 leaves of fresh basil

In a large skillet or saute pan, gently heat your olive oil and garlic until fragrant.

Add fresh tomatoes and season with salt and pepper.

Cook noodles for 3 to 5 minutes, or until desired "doneness".

Drain pasta (reserving 1 cup of pasta water) and add noodles to a skillet.  Combine well and add fresh basil.

You may add a little pasta water to adjust consistency if desired.

Serves 2.

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