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June 26, 2010
New Parking Options at Main St. Market
(Edited from the press release.)

You took your wheels to the market. Now where to stash them while you do your shopping?

If you're stopping by the Main St Station Farmers Market on your way home from work or school - and you happen to be travelling by car - you'll be happy to hear that they have new FREE shopper parking in the parking lot located at Terminal and Station (next to Cloverdale Paint). There are more than 25 spaces and they are all marked "RESERVED". This parking is open from 3pm - 8pm each week. This parking is very conveniently located to the market and again...its free! One thing though...please don't parking in Cloverdale Paint spaces - the market wants to be good neighbours!

If you're arriving by bike, you'll also be happy with other new developments. There will be free bike valet parking every week provided by Giant Bikes and BEST. Giant will be attending the next 2 weeks and BEST will take it from there.

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