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Farmers Markets
May 29, 2012
1 Minute Talk with the Egg Farmer

One of the mandatory stops at the East Vancouver Farmers Market each Saturday is the Capella Farm booth to pick up a dozen free-range eggs. Brian "the egg guy" sells his wares from a cooler stashed under the table, and each box is a surprise pack of egg colours, sizes, and sometimes even shapes -- from pale, oblong, goose-size samples to small, dark brown, ping-pong-shaped pullet eggs. You need to arrive early though if you hope to score any. The eggs usually sell out well before market closing time.

CityFood: How many boxes of eggs do you sell at each Saturday market?

Brian: On a good weekend, up to around 270 dozen. I usually sell all of them at Trout Lake, but if there is some left over I will take them to the Kitsilano Market on Sunday.

CF: Wow, that's good turn over! Sounds like you can't afford to have any slackers in the hen house. Is it true that you can get chickens to lay more eggs if you play them some Mozart or Frank Sinatra tunes?

B: Nah, that's just a myth! The birds actually don't like music at all. What they REALLY like are religious evangelists.

CF: What? Oh come on, who's laying an egg now?

B: No, it's true. If you tune the radio to a station with a preacher hammering out a Hellfire sermon, they get to work laying eggs like crazy. The more fire and brimstone, the more they produce.

CF: That must be it then. All that talk of fire. They don't want to be barbecued.

B: Must be.

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