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CF Choice - Best Food of the Region

Angie's Bacon Chocolate Chunk Cookie
Well Seasoned Kitchen
20771 Langley By Pass,
Langley, B.C.  604-530-1518.

If you need proof that everything tastes better with bacon, you'll find it in Angie's Bacon Chocolate Chunk Cookie. The cookies with a near cult following get shipped to fans throughout the province, but if you want to buy some in person, you'll have to go to their only retail source, at Well Seasoned: a Gourmet Food Store in Langley, B.C.

Store owner, Angie Quaale's bakes up batches fresh every two days and sells about 12 dozen a week. The ingredient that makes them special of course, are the crumbled bits of double smoked bacon, which she buys from Gelderman Farms in the Fraser Valley. (Quaale is a barbecue maven and sponsors a large barbecue competition each year, so when it comes to pork, she knows her subject).

Why are the BCCCs so popular? Well, if you love chocolate chip cookies, and frankly who doesn't, then you generally belong to one of two types.  The type who likes soft, cake-like cookies, or the type who prefers their cookies thin and crisp - it's all in the recipe's fat to flour ratio. This cookie falls into the first category, however the bits of dry cooked, salty bacon give it that extra hit of tactile crunch in the mouth, which is probably why it's so satisfying to both camps.

But hey, let's not overlook the former star in this equation. The cookies have a lot to offer in the way of chocolate as well -- big hand-chopped, good quality, dark chucks of the stuff, liberally added to the dough so that each bite provides a full chocolate-y hit.

There's only one problem with all this. How chunky you want to let your hips get in appreciation?

We think maybe it's a good thing that we don't own a car.

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