November 05, 2013
What's New - Sweety Drops In
Hardly bigger than a pomegranate seed and just as pretty, the Sweety Drop is touted to be the next hot thing in the produce market - literally.
August 02, 2013
Peak of the Season - SUMMER: A BC Day Plate from Salt Broadway
In honour of BC Day we go to one of the best places to sample your way through BC's artisan foods and wines - the new Salt Tasting Room on W. Broadway.
July 30, 2013
What's New - New Bars and Bites at Thierry
Master chocolatier Thierry Busset has introduced a signature line of chocolate bars and bars, as well as a selection of new sandwiches (designed by Chef Quang Dang), at his shop on Alberni Street.
March 28, 2013
Peak of the Season - SPRING: Holy Hot Cross Buns!
Why hunt for Easter Eggs? The real challenge is to find a truly good hot cross bun in Vancouver. Here's our best suggestions for where to look.
December 11, 2012
Peak of the Season - HOLIDAY: A Santa's Bag of Treats at Terra Breads
A slideshow of what's in store during the Holiday Season at Terra Breads.
November 15, 2012
Trends and Issues - US Chefs Ban Cdn Seafood in Seal Hunt Protest
The Human Society of the United States has been rallying American chefs and restaurants to ban Canadian seafood products in protest against the Canada's annual seal slaughter.
October 24, 2012
Health - In Cold Season - Bee Better
Here’s a new Dragon's Den- approved product that’s getting some local buzz, and just in time for sniffle season.
September 29, 2012
Health - Ist Annual Celiac Awareness Festival*
hroughout the month of October, Galloway's Specialty Foods offers customers education on how to live with celiac disease, introduces new gluten-free products and gives instruction on gluten-free baking.
May 29, 2012
Farmers Markets - 1 Minute Talk with the Egg Farmer
Chickens may be tone deaf, but they understand the word of the Good Book when they hear it.
May 18, 2012
Health - Camelina Oil
How perfect is an oil that tastes good, cooks like a dream, and is extra healthy for you too?
March 23, 2012
Peak of the Season - SPRING: Thomas Haas Eggs You On
It may be the most magnificent chocolate egg the Easter Bunny has ever brought you, but are you chocoholic and jitter-free enough to handle it?
March 20, 2012
Peak of the Season - SPRING: It's Macaron Day in Vancouver!
This is the first year that Vancouver will be participating, with several local pastry shops donating a portion of sales from their macarons, featuring specific flavours...or even giving the treats away for free.
March 15, 2012
Health - Blk. is Black
Water - The Dark Side. Unlike the usual bottled water, this one is black.
October 08, 2011
Peak of the Season - FALL: Petite Pumpkin Pie
The $5 pie at Costco will definitely feed more, but you can't beat this small 6" version for cuteness.
April 07, 2011
Peak of the Season - SPRING: Hop Shoots
If grapes are merely just the early, munchable stage of wine, then perhaps the same may be said of hop shoots and beer.
March 02, 2011
Trends and Issues - The Sifter
The bits that remain after a grind through our recreational reading lists ...
November 23, 2010
Trends and Issues - Mexican Cuisine - A World Treasure
UNESCO places Mexican Cuisine on the World Heritage List, and the Mexicans are coming to Vancouver to celebrate.
October 08, 2010
Peak of the Season - FALL: Search for the Great Pumpkin
From now until October 31st we are tracking all sightings of the Great Pumpkin as he makes his annual trip to the most sincere pumpkin patch in the world. Here's a start.
September 23, 2010
Farmers Markets - Apple Pie Contest at the Farmers Market
So you think you make the best apple pie? Or maybe your mum does? Here's your chance to prove it.
September 17, 2010
Peak of the Season - FALL: Fruitful Offerings at Terra Breads
Peaches and blueberries may be on the wane at the local farmer's markets, but you can still find delicious examples in the baked goods display case at Terra Breads.
September 10, 2010
Farmers Markets - Jam-Packed Fall Schedule at Farmers Markets
Bitten by the bug for for canning? The Farmer's Markets' have a Tomato Festival and a 30 day cure.
August 30, 2010
Peak of the Season - SUMMER: Moon Cakes - Canadian Style
Chef Daryle Nagata and his pastry team at the Pan Pacific Hotel are getting ready for the Mid-Autumn Festival with Canadian-style moon cakes.
August 25, 2010
What's New - Gone Crackers for Moroccan Spice
Gone Crackers newest flavour -- Moroccan Spice -- might be the best one yet.
August 14, 2010
What's New - Rodney and the Pirates
When the pirate burger was sinking, Chef Rob Butters' swashbucklin' pickles saved the day.
August 06, 2010
Peak of the Season - SUMMER: Cherries
It's mid-summer and life is just a bowl of cherries. Especially if your restaurant or winery is located in B.C.'s interior.
August 02, 2010
What's New - Melanie's Buttertarts Divine
People We Would Give a Food Cart License To: Melanie's Buttertarts are a 100% Canadian treat.
July 05, 2010
Farmers Markets - July is Blueberry Month at Main St Market
The Main Street Farmers market will be singing the blues as it celebrates B.C.'s favourite crop: the mighty blueberry.
July 02, 2010
Peak of the Season - SUMMER: Hawkshaw Salmon
Hawkshaw salmon has arrived and C, refuel and Campagnolo are the restaurants where you will find it.
June 26, 2010
Farmers Markets - New Parking Options at Main St. Market
The Main Street Farmers Market now offers designated places to park your car and a new bike valet service.
June 24, 2010
What's New - Sweet News - PC Confections
Påtissier Paul Croteau has not only joined refuel and Campagnolo restaurants as their in-house pastry chef, yesterday he launched his own label of handmade pastries and confections.
June 16, 2010
Farmers Markets - Pasta in a Bag
Campagnolo Restaurant is now selling their homemade pasta at the Main Street Farmer's Market.
March 16, 2010
What's New - Wine-Fed Beef
What makes for a happy cow? Turns out it's the same stuff that does the job for the rest of us.
January 27, 2010
Trends and Issues - Not Just Your Usual School of Fish
It's sink or swim for Restaurateur Harry Kambolis and associate Shannon Ronalds as they fly to Paris with serious business in mind.
November 27, 2009
Recipes - Fingerling Potato Chips and Pecorino-Chive Cream
This recipe from Araxi, the cookbook by Chef James Walt was chosen to match a cocktail created by West restaurant Bar Manager, David Wolowidnyk.
November 17, 2009
Farmers Markets - Who's at the Winter Market: Helmer's Organic Farm
Helmer's Organic Farm specializes in great tasting potatoes, up to 18 heritage varieties, all grown according to certified organic and bio-dynamic methods.
August 02, 2009
What's New - Black Garlic
One of the biggest crowds at this Summer's International Fancy Foods Show could be found clustered around the booth of a company promoting a new product - black garlic.
June 17, 2009
Farmers Markets - Farmers Market Plan for New City Market
At a recent policy briefing the Vancouver Farmers Markets announced record-breaking revenues for local producers in 2008 and unveiled plans for a New City Market that will operate all year round.
June 10, 2009
Farmers Markets - Barbara-Jo McIntosh on Michael Pollan's Visit to UBC Farm
"Saturday morning, I picked up author and food activist Michael Pollan from his hotel. I was taking him to the fundraiser for UBC farm where he would be promoting the paperback release of his critically-acclaimed In Defense of Food..."
June 05, 2009
Trends and Issues - Dear Hellmann's: Get Real!
Sorry Unilever, before you start preaching the green gospel, why not clean up your own act first.
May 16, 2009
Farmers Markets - Richmond Night Market Begins 2009 Summer Season
The Summer Night Market in Richmond opened for the 2009 Season last night on a 10-acre site at 12631 Vulcan Way in Richmond, with over 250 vendors selling ethnic foods and quirky merchandise
April 12, 2009
Farmers Markets - A New Farmers Market for Main St. Station
After several months of consultation with the City, a Farmers Market has been approved for Station Street adjacent to Thornton Park
March 15, 2009
Trends and Issues - Dan Barber on Ethical Foie Gras
In Chef Dan Barber's humorous speech at the Taste3 Conference at Robert Mondavi Winery, he credits Spanish farmer foie gras producer Eduardo Sousa of Pateria de Sousa for giving him the "culinary experience of his life".
January 09, 2009
Trends and Issues - Food Photo Mapping
Take a look at the photo on the left. Does it get you salivating? Does it make you want to run down to the restaurant that made it and order a plate full?
December 15, 2008
What's New - The Cure Handcrafted Charcuterie
Shortly after Fuel Restaurant opened, Chef Robert Belcham sourced out the best quality pork available in BC and began performing all of his own butchery in house from whole animals ...
Peak of the Season - SPRING: Garlic Scapes
Garlic Scapes are a flavour blend of green onions and garlic. What's not to love?
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