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November 30, 2009
Quick Pic: Sake with a Beer Chaser at Coast

Photo taken at Coast during their recent "Sake Dinner Menu" at the restaurant's circular bar. Left, the Sake Bomb; right, the Zipang demi-bottle.

Here's how Coast serves a sake with a beer chaser. Or was it a beer with a sake chaser? With this upsy-daisy version it was hard to know. Either way, they call it a "Sake Bomb"!

First the barman filled a shotglass to the brim with Sake, then covered that with an inverted low cocktail glass. Next he turned the whole thing upside down (being careful not to uncover the Sake glass), and filled the cocktail glass to the halfway point with a pour of beer.  At that point, all one had to do was pull out the Sake glass (which sent a little suction wave of Sake into the beer), and it was ready to drink.

The Sake for the occasion was a Gekkeikan Zipang Sparkling Sake, imported by Select Wines and currently on spec listing at the BCLDB, for approximately $10 a bottle. We loved this Sake with its refreshing, delicate, pear like flavour and long lasting carbonation. Taken straight up it was a perfect foil against a citrus-seared yellowtail hamachi with the spicy, pickled burdock root condiment that Chef Josh Wolfe makes in-house.

Plus, the Zipang's beer bottle-sized, 250 mL Sake bottle, made it seem convenient and approachable -- the sort of thing that would always be handy sitting nice and cool inside a fridge door.
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