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December 13, 2009
Osake Junmai Sparkling Sake

The 500 mL bottle may take up space, but perhaps you won't need to put anything else in a Christmas stocking, especially if the recipient is a host or hostess type.  

Incredibly versatile, The Osake Junmai Sparkling Sake would make a novel replacement for Champagne, Prosecco, or other sparkling wines at this season's parties. Beyond that, at 13.5% alcohol, it makes a light and refreshing aperitif all on its on own.

Guess what? It even goes with sushi. However, for a match made in BC, we've enjoyed this particular sake with both salmon gravlax and and salmon tartare (at the Italian Cultural Centre , no less) and found that the light melon/pear-scented, licorice-kissed sparkle of the sake cut through the salty, oily quality of the fish beautifully.

Luckily, sakemaker Masa Shiroki has bottled a new batch of his popular Junmai Sparkling just in time for Christmas, so you can pick some up at $24 a bottle down at his Railspur Alley sake studio on Granville Island. The studio will be open every day except December 25th and New Years Day. (After January 2, Granville Island Osake will close on Tuesday and Wednesday for the month of January.)

Artisan Sake Maker
1339 Railspur Alley, Vancouver

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