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May 23, 2013
Artisan Fare at Tequila Expo

It may look like some kind of fancy Portuguese pepper grinder, but the object being held here by Karen Eggerman is actually a bottle of 10-year-old, artisan-quality, Clas Azul reposado tequila.

It's just one of the unusual and beautifully crafted Mexican tequilas that importers Eggerman and Dominic Hauek of Reservas Tequila, along with several other liquor agents and companies, will be introducing at this year's 2nd Annual Vancouver International Tequila Expo (VITE).

Tequila fans who attend the show are in for a treat. Numerous highly sought after tequila brands in a variety of styles will be available for tasting. Many of them have never been seen before in British Columbia, and even in Mexico are difficult to find.

Small batch, 100% organic, blue agave tequilas, all slow cooked and fermented, then aged in small oak casks - try them and prepare to be amazed. Some of the long-aged varieties with their rich flavours of spice, caramel, honey, tropical fruits, smoke and nuttiness are as amber in colour and as smooth in texture as old French Cognac. Others are as clear, delicate and floral as the finest sake.

Up until very recently, trying to find an ultra premium tequila on the BCLDB shelves has been like looking for water lilies in the Sonoran Desert. But with popular interest growing, encouragement and support from local bartenders, and shows like the Tequila Expo, listings for the product has been growing at a dramatic rate. A special round of thanks should go to the Exop organizers and their commercial sponsors and supporters.

The event takes place tomorrow at the Hyatt Regency Hotel with both a trade and a public tasting. Times, ticket prices and more information can be found here.

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