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May 24, 2012
Hot Chocolate Festival Results

It looks like summer has returned to us today, although for the last couple of days we almost wished the Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival was still running.

After a bit of a delay collecting some of our data, the numbers are finally in and we can finally announce the results:

During the festival's 2012 run in January and February, our participants sold just under 12,000 drinks and were able to raise $3,000 in funds for the festival charity.

That's an excellent number considering we were working with small ticket items, not $150 dinners.

Our three top fundraisers for the 2nd Annual Festival were (in descending order):

Mink Chocolates
Thomas Haas Chocolates and Cafe
Bella Gelateria

However, everyone on the vendor team did a stellar job, and in addition to the previous three, CityFood would like to thank the following for their participation:

Cocoa Nymph
French Made Baking
Bel Cafe
Terra Breads
Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France
Thierry Chocolaterie Patisserie Cafe
Leonidas Belgian Chocolates
The Juice Truck
Gem Chocolates
Beta5 Chocolates
Erin Ireland's "It's to Die For" Banana Bread
Jenny Shen (Artist)

We also must thank many other people for making the festival such a success, namely the traditional media and online media outlets who helped spread the word, and most of all, to you the customers who braved the winter elements to purchase drinks, and who used social media to share photos and comments in support of the efforts of the vendors. You made it happen!

In the next week CityFood Magazine will be meeting with representatives from The Downtown Eastside Women's Centre to present the cheque and learn what their plans and needs are for this year. If you would like to see a follow up report on this, please let us know on our Facebook page. We will also be working on plans for the 2013 Festival and will post updates there as well. As usual, your comments and suggestions for improvement are always welcomed.


Rhonda May
Festival Co-ordinator

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