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October 03, 2012
Bottega Pink Rose Spumante

Restaurant wine buyers take note: Bottega Pink Rosé Spumante has only been available in BC for about one week, but this is the bottle that romantic couples will want on their table come Valentine's Day.

Jewelers would describe the luminous metallic colour of the bottle as "rose gold", but the wine inside is an equally alluring shade of soft, blushing pink. Which does not indicate that its taste is sweet or retiring. Made from Pinot Nero and Raboso grapes grown near Veneto, Italy, the off-dry sparkler has personality, exuding a lively palate of apple, raspberries and currents, and a deliciously muted floral bouquet.

Ideal as an aperitif, we recently sampled the wine with a starter platter of salumi at the new Q4 Restaurant on Broadway, but it would work equally well with fish, especially the Venetian traditional dish of fritto misto (Italian seafood tempura). This weekend we'll be opening a bottle to launch the Thanksgiving turkey feast. 

Sandro Bottega, the effervescent owner of Distilleria Bottega, was in town to meet with local media and buyers last week. And although his own website declares that a flute is the appropriate glass to use, Mr. Bottega himself, like many Italians these days, prefers to use a small wine glass - explaining that the fuller shape allows more of the fruity/floral nose of the wine to come forward during drinking to balance the acidity in the bubbles.  (To back him up, this trend for using wine glasses rather than flutes for Prosecco and other sparkling wines among sophisticated wine drinkers was something we noticed while we were in Rome this summer.)

Wine and restaurant trade who would like to try the Rosé, as well as other bottles from the Bottega line, will get their chance at a portfolio tasting hosted by Stile Brands this October 16th, 1:30 to 5 p.m., at the Urban Winery, 55 Dunlevy Ave.

Bottega Pink Rosé Spumante
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