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May 18, 2009
Her Majesty's Marmalade

Photo of cocktail by Heather Goldsworthy taken at Boneta Restaurant in Gastown.

- ( May 18, 2009 )

Ah...the Queen's Birthday. Only Canadians could think of such a royal reason to drink on a Monday . The marmalade toasts sitting next to this cocktail remind us of the traditional breakfasts of Great Britain where the ubiquitous item on the table is always a sturdy jar of thick-cut marmalade. If one is not opposed to drinking at breakfast, then why not enjoy a drink that combines both. Think of it as a Scottish mimosa - The Marmalade Cocktail.  So cheers to Victoria!  She didn't drink, but doubtless she would have been amused.

1 oz Victoria gin, or good, stiff, British version
1 oz TripleSec
2 oz lemon sour mix
1 tsp English marmalade
Shake the gin, triple sec and sours in a shaker with some ice. Strain out the ice and put back in the shaker with the marmalade (the chunky kind.) Shake again and serve in a glazed Martini glass. It should be quite thick, with bits in it.

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