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August 10, 2010
Natureland Organic Hefeweizen

Pacific Western was the first Canadian Brewery to achieve organic certification back in 1997, and continuing in that green tradition it has just introduced an Organic Hefeweizen to the BC market.

According to brewmaster Peter Boettcher, the Natureland Organic Hefeweizen is only the first release in a future series of Brewmaster Signature beers. But what could be more appropriate for summer?

Made in the traditional German style (Boettcher trained in Munich), the beer exhibits all the refreshing elements that make it a Euro hot weather classic. Yet it’s still very much a local product. The yeast may have been imported from Germany, but the wheat and malt are Canadian grown, and the pure spring water is sourced from Northern B.C. The brewery itself has been located in Prince George since 1957.

Our sampling team enjoyed the beer’s soft, dry, fruit basket flavours (light citrus, apricot and hints of banana), it’s creamy texture, as well as its look.

“Because Hefeweizen is fermented after its bottled, it creates its own CO2 effervescence, says Boettcher. This helps suspend and disperse the yeast throughout the beer, creating its distinctive, golden cloudiness and flavour.”

The clear frosted, long necked bottle makes this easier to appreciate. And we admit it – lends a great deal of stylish appeal.

The Organic Hefeweizen is available thoughout the province at selected government liquor stores under a spec listing, as well as in private beer and wine stores.

If you’d like to try the beer and meet the winemaker, Pacific Western is holding a Midsummer Beer Tasting this Thursday August 12th at the Terminal City Club. See information here.

A robot demonstrates the perfect hefeweizen pour, right up to the finishing swirl of bottle yeast.

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