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February 09, 2011
Natureland Organic Black Stout

Wine gets all the love on Valentine's Day, but beer can be romantic too - and may actually be a more appropriate partner for that homemade dîner a deux.

After all, almost every woman loves a good chocolate, and every man loves a good beer - so this year, both can be satisfied.

Pacific Western Brewmaster, Peter Boettcher will pour the first keg of his smooth Natureland Organic Black Stout (made with Chocolate Malt) for Valentines Day.  It should be a good match with hearty Winter dishes such as stew, chili or ribs, and taste like that all time great match - beer and chocolate cake!

The Prince George-based brewery is celebrating the event with on February 13th with a launch party at Vancouver's Terminal City Club (837 West Hastings St.) featuring DJ Cuz-O.

Enter HERE to win an invitation. 


(From the press release - added February 23, 2011)

Pacific Western Brewery is celebrating the peak of Canadian winter by introducing the third in its series of Brewmaster’s Signature beers with the launch of Natureland Organic Black Stout this week.

“Our Natureland Organic Black Stout is a full-bodied beer which should be served slightly chilled and in good company,” said Peter Boettcher, Pacific Western’s certified German brewmaster.  “Our ‘chocolate stout’ is strongly influenced by our special top fermenting yeast strain, which is very suitable for stronger ale brews and makes it the perfect winter warmer for cold days.”

Black Stout is one of Boettcher’s favorite styles of beer. To show his appreciation for B.C. beer lover’s warm reception to his signature series Hefeweizen and Festbier earlier this year, he created this B.C. organic Black Stout.  It’s a great beer to enjoy after an active day of skiing, snowshoeing, sledding or sitting by a warm fire as the snow flies.

“Peter’s unique brewing credentials and passion are evident in his Natureland Organic Brewmaster’s Series and in all our high quality and consistently delicious beers,” said Kazuko Komatsu, owner and President and CEO of Pacific Western Brewery.

Natureland Organic Black Stout is a limited release beer, available at quality private beer and wine stores throughout BC over the winter season, priced at around $11.99.

Black, or ‘chocolate’, stout derives its name from its dark appearance which results from the use of a darker, more aromatic malt that has been roasted or kilned until it acquires a chocolate colour roasting.

“This style of beer demands a perfect aroma so we use only the best aroma hops available.  The character of the beer itself is strongly influenced by our Canadian specialty roasted malt from Thomas Fawcett with balanced roasted notes upfront, smooth aromatic middle notes, and a hint of dark chocolate flavor rolling over your tongue on the finish.  The alcohol of 6.2% enriches the overall pleasant aromatic mouth feel and gives it that extra special “oomph” that you expect from a true Stout,” said Boettcher.

Peter has over 25 years’ brewing experience having received an honors bachelor’s degree in brewing science from Doemens World Brewing Academy in Munich in 1992, after gaining hands-on brewing experience at breweries in Steinach, Rothaus in Germany and Heineken of Switzerland.

In 1996 Peter brought his valuable and much sought-after brewing skills to the United States and was awarded numerous gold, silver and bronze medals at the Great American Beer Festival and the World Beer Cup for his exceptional beers.  He joined Pacific Western Brewery and relocated to Prince George in early 2010.

Established in 1957 in Prince George, BC, on a fresh water spring, Pacific Western Brewing Co. is Western Canada's largest and longest established independent, Canadian-owned brewery.  Pacific Western Brewery is committed to brewing consistently high quality beers, responsibly stewarding our shared resources and environment, and participating in programs and initiatives that benefit our local community and province.

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