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December 09, 2010
Local Companies Promise Beer Without Fear

Pay your lawyer $200 (times a gazillion), and still not get out of jail. That's the dilemma facing holiday revelers this year, thanks to the new BC drinking and driving laws.

While most people in the hospitality industry see this as an economic party-pooper move on the part of the Province, others see a business opportunity. After all, if you don't think you are going to be able to walk the dotted line, you'd best think your way around it.

Cannery Brewing of Penticton, for example, is trying out a low alcohol ale with a witty name and label. The just released No Jail Pale Ale, designed to let people still enjoy a cold brew while following the new liquor laws, contains only 3.05% alcohol.

While that low number may have beer mavens raising a doubtful eyebrow, owner Patt Dyck claims the crisp, refreshing brew still delivers the complexity and full flavoured taste you've come to expect from this award winning microbrewery.

At any rate, it's literally acool idea, especially during this time of year. Drivers may still have to stay sober, however, in order to find it. At present, JPA is only available on tap at select restaurants and pubs in B.C.

Meanwhile, Biercraft Tap and Tapas (1191 Commercial Drive), home of the largest Belgian beer list in Vancouver, has launched 'The Bier Craft', a courtesy shuttle service providing customers with a free ride home.

For now, the courtesy shuttle service is operating on a trial basis for the holiday season, daily from 5 p.m. until closing, to offer free door-to-door service within a 30 block radius. However, Biercraft General Manager, Phillip Osztian, says the idea has been so well received by his customers, he's thinking of keeping it on in the future.

Is it possible to enjoy a beer without fear? Thanks to entrepreneurship, maybe so.

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