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February 14, 2012
That's Amore - A Pasta Made for Valentines

If there is a noodle designed for Valentines Day, it must be the tiny "cuoretti". 

One of the smallest pasta shapes made, cuoretti (tiny hearts) are members of the pastine minute (tiny pasta) clan. Like their cousins, stellette or "little stars" (the minute most commonly found in North American groceries), they are meant to be added to soups and broths.

Cuoretti is just one of the 92 shapes of traditional Italian pasta that appear in Pasta by Design, a graphically gorgeous new food book created not by a chef, but by the  architect George L. Legendre. In his ambitious project to classify pasta, the London-based Legendre uses the scientific and mechanical methods that he would normally employ to imagine concrete structures or steel suspension bridges

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