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March 24, 2011
How to Fuel a Traceur

While we wouldn't go so far as to label him a foodie, Vancouver author Timothy Taylor (Stanley Park) is definitely a man who is interested in food and the cultural mores that surround it.

Hence, it's not surprising that the characters in his new novel, The Blue Light Project, are partially defined by the food that they eat.

Take for example, one of his main protagonists, Rabbit, a mysterious street artist and "traceur", a practitioner of the cult sport of Parkour. (Or as Rabbit himself would clarify, "Freesteal.") If it's true that you are what you eat, then Rabbit's fare should be spring coils and rubber bands. In actual fact, his diet consists of that edgy contradiction -- global junk food cool combined with health-hyped, back-to-the-land ideals -- that is currently nourishing the hipper regions of Brooklyn/Portland/Vancouver's Main Street.


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