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May 18, 2012
Camelina Oil - the Newest Super Food?

Just when you think you've tried every kind of exotic gourmet oil on the market, along comes Camelina Oil. And this one is not squeezed from the nut of some rare 2,000-year-old tree found only in the Peruvian mountains. As a matter of fact, it's a Canadian-grown product, from Saskatchewan no less, although its lineage could be just as old.

Cold-pressed from the seed of the ancient camelina sativa grain, the oil has a bright yellow colour, the nutty aroma of almonds, and a pleasantly faint taste of asparagus that makes it excellent for the table. However with its high smoking point of 475 F (grapeseed oil is 425), and remarkable long stable shelf life of 12 - 24 months (compared to 6 months for olive oil), it serves even better as a cooking oil. ... CONTINUE READING..

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