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November 28, 2013
Cactus Club Previews New Dishes for 2014

With its expanding empire now comprised of 25 restaurants across Canada, the Cactus Club Cafe hasn't stopped rolling. Next up is number 26 in Saskatoon, soon to be followed by number 27, a two level-design with rooftop patio at First Canadian Place in Toronto (just the first of a number of locations planned for that city). On Tuesday, the restaurant chain confirmed that location 28 will be at 8th Avenue and 4th Street in downtown Calgary.

Naturally with all those new spaces, each with its own regional customer profile, Executive Chef Rob Feenie and his kitchen team have their work cut out for them - constantly introducing new dishes, while retweaking old favourites to keep them fresh. Having a few willing guinea pigs to test each idea is helpful too,... TO CONTINUE READING AND SEE PHOTOS...

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