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December 02, 2011
Cactus Club at English Bay Opens in January

Patience being a virture, Cactus Club Cafe Restaurants must have required plenty while they waited for the Vancouver Parks Board to grant them the rights to build on the site of the English Bay Bathhouse. Once papers were in hand however, they set to work transforming what had been a featureless, if iconic, cement block at the foot of Denman and Beach into their newest Vancouver restaurant property. Come mid-January 2012, the modern new Cactus Club at English Bay will be open for business and serving its first cocktails and plates of sake-marinated sablefish.

This week, with construction work still in progress, the restaurant offered local media a hard hat and Champagne preview tour of the site. The question for many of us: “Will Vancouver finally have a casual waterfront restaurant where the food actually lives up to the view?"  ... CONTINUE READING...

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