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January 16, 2011
C Grows Veggies in its Kitchen - Finds New Roots.

C Restaurant has recently partnered with Urban Cultivator for a new way to grow herbs and vegetables indoors.

Founded in 2009, the automated growing system appliances of the Surrey, B.C.-based company, are garnering attention as an easy and efficient way to grow vegetables, herbs, or spices - right in your own home, or even, as in the case of C, your own restaurant.

From its 156 growing pots, the Kitchen Cultivator has the capacity to provide a family with fresh, organic greens, every single day. Plus its sleek spatial design (about the size of the average dishwasher) makes it a compact fit, even in a small apartment.  In reference to the widely-publicised "100-mile diet", Tarren Wolfe, the owner of Urban Cultivator, and an established horticulturist for 20 years, often refers to the system as the “0-mile diet”.


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